Underlying Data

This tool is a product of the University's Open Data Service. Our aim is to make as much of the University's knowledge as accessible as possible. Consequently, this site has many supplimentary functions, other than to simply tell you what week of the adacemic year we are in currently.

You can find other useful open data calendars at http://calendars.data.southampton.ac.uk/.

Calendar Feeds

The following feeds are in ICS format, which can be used by most calendar applications, such as Google Calendar and Apple's iPhone Calendar.

Other Dates

It is possible, by altering the URL, to display the week and term information for any date within the academic year, not just today. To do this, visit the URL as follows:


So the date in a week's time would be:


Other Formats

If you're a programmer, we try to make it as simple as possible for you to build other tools on top of What Week Is It. We do this through the extension of the page called from the server. So if you wanted information about the current date in JSON format, you would call:


This also works with other dates, for example:


The formats we support are as follows: